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Make A Travel Bug Sheet

Have you had a Travel Bug disappear because someone found it and didn't know what to do with it? Are you planning to send a new Travel Bug out into the world and you don't want that to happen? We may have the solution for you. It's no guarantee against loss, but it will help. It is a Travel Bug Instruction Sheet that explains how to properly use your Travel Bug. The sheet will fit in a zip-lock bag with your Travel Bug and best of all, you can make it right now. This sheet was created by Seth!, based on a design and text by Markwell. This page will generate a 5"x5.2" sheet, which will fit in a sandwich-size ziplock along with your Travel Bug. If you would like the original 1 quart bag size (6"x6"), we have that as well.

Here is what you will need to make your own Travel Bug sheet:

  • A Travel Bug and its serial number.
  • The Travel Bug page ID from geocaching.com for YOUR Travel Bug. If you go to your Travel Bug's page, that will be the numbers after the "ID=".
  • A name for your Travel Bug.
  • A printer connected to your computer.
  • Optional: A photo of your TB that has been uploaded to your Travel Bug's page. You may also use one of the images that we have below.
Simply complete the form below, click on the "Make My Sheet" button, and you'll have a Travel Bug Sheet ready to print. When the new page appears with your Travel Bug Sheet, just click your browser's print button. You could also save the page as an HTML file for future use. After your sheet is printed, cut out the two pages and paste them back-to-back. You sheet can go in a zip-lock bag as-is or you can have it laminated. Enjoy!

Your Travel Bug's Name:

Limit 25 characters, including spaces.

Your Travel Bug's Serial Number:

Found on the Travel Bug tag.

Your Travel Bug's Page ID:

The last digits on the geocaching.com page for your Travel Bug. (track_detail.asp?ID=_ _ _ _)

Your Travel Bug's goal is to:

You may leave this as is or change it to something like "visit Alaska" or "get to 98033 by 12/25/02". Limit 35 characters.

Adding the picture to the card is the next step.

Again we need your Travel Bug's Page ID:

If you have a photo uploaded to your Travel Bug's page, use the same page ID from item 3. It works best if your photo is horizontal. To use the stock image below, leave the 2346 in the box.

The number of the photo:

The last digits on the geocaching.com page for your Travel Bug's photo. (http://img.groundspeak.com/track/2346_ _ _ _.jpg)
If you only have one photo uploaded, the number is probably 200. To use on of the stock images below, leave the 300 in the box or change it to 400 or 500.

Stock Bug Image #300

Stock Bug Image #500

Stock Bug Image #600


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