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New Exhibit in Development

The next exhibit to spring from the creative labs at NRG! Exhibits will be Creating Our Future: Sustainable by Design. This engaging, 5,000-square-foot, interactive exhibit invites visitors to envision Earth's future through the emerging technologies and ideas that are being shaped by forward-thinking individuals and companies. Visitors will engage with materials and open-ended activities at hands-on tables, observe exciting new technology at demonstration stations, and follow their decisions through a series of futurism scenarios. They will come to see themselves as participants and stakeholders in the processes that shape the future, rather than just observers. The exhibit fosters an understanding of the systemic nature of the choices and decisions that a society makes. You can get a sneak preview here? Or write to us at info at nrg-exhibits.com for more information.

Expedition Earth Visits Indiana

Expedition Earth is visiting Fort Wayne, Indiana, this spring. Head on over to Science Central and check out the immersive environments of grasslands, tundra, and the rainforests. Act as a field scientist to explore the diminishing habitats of certain native species and learn about system science.

Route 66 Exhibit is Now Touring

America's Road: The Journey of Route 66 has hit the open road. Featuring stories, artifacts, and images, as well as several interactives, the exhibit is themed to be reminiscent of attractions that welcomed travelers and tourists. An exceptionally well-maintained, original and non-restored Ford Mustang will be the keystone artifact in the exhibit. America's Road will also feature a photo essay created by photographer and author, Russell Olsen. The debut venue was the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and it is now at the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum in Temple, Texas. Interested in being the next stop on this historic road? The exhibit is currently available for 2015 and beyond. Contact info at nrg-exhibits.com to reserve a tour slot today!

Interested in Hearing from Us?

We periodically send out a newsletter via email about our pricing specials and any new and upcoming exhibits. If you would like to keep up-to-date on all our fabulous goings on, send us a note at info at nrg-exhibits.com. We promise not to inundate you with junk mail. To get an idea of what we send out, read some of our previous newsletters:

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