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"There is something in a treasure that fastens upon a man's mind...He will never forget it..."
                                                    - Nostromo (from Nostromo by Joseph Conrad)
Treasure is a word that stirs the imagination of everyone of every age. An educational and entertaining exhibit for museums and science/technology centers, Treasure! explores the history of treasures and treasure hunting, the technology employed in hunting treasure, as well as the people and personalities that hunt for treasure—including your visitors.

The educational purpose of the exhibition is to investigate these key ideas: What is treasure? Who hunts for treasure? Why do they hunt treasure? How do people hunt for treasure? On a personal level, the exhibit also provokes the question, what do you treasure? Treasure hunts within the exhibit invite the visitors to be active participants.

Treasure! has seven thematic areas, including underwater treasure, treasures in the attic, buried treasure, gold rushes, protecting treasure, treasure in popular culture, and the modern treasure hunt.

A dozen hands-on activities allow the visitor to try tools of treasure hunting and investigate treasures. Special exhibit features include actual artifacts from shipwrecks and other treasure sites.

Host venues have the option of including in the exhibit $500,000 worth of gold and silver recovered from sunken ships.

The Treasure! video is here!

See why people are so excited about Treasure! through this four-minute video. Share it with your board and donors and watch the interest spread. Qualified museums and science centers are welcome to email us for a copy on DVD, subject to availability.


NRG! Exhibits is committed to bringing the exciting Treasure! exhibit to the top of everyone's list of things to do in your community. We'll help your venue accomplish this by providing:

  • Support to create city-wide treasure hunts that lead visitors to your door
  • Photos for use in print materials and web sites
  • Additional concepts for special events tailored to your community


Exhibit Size: approx. 5,000 sq. ft. (A 1,500-sq-ft exhibit about treasure is also available.)

Availability: Three-month rentals

Manuals: Complete installation and maintenance manuals provided

Installation/Take-down: NRG! Exhibits will provide a lead technician. Venue is responsible for providing 3-5 technicians. Takes 4-5 days.

Support: 24/7 telephone support and technical assistance provided

Ceiling Height: 8.5 ft. ceiling minimum

Electrical Requirements: Standard electrical supply

Environment: HVAC system required

Participation Fee: $70,000-$93,000 + inbound shipping ($85k includes optional artifacts; $93k includes optional artifacts and additional pirate content). Contact us for more details.

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