Activities for the Everyone

Here are some treasure hunting activities that you may explore on your own—right now!

Outdoor Activities

Geocaching—Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt that uses the Global Positioning System. All you need is access to the Internet (which you apparently have!) and an inexpensive GPS receiver. Read more about geocaching here.

Letterboxing—Letterboxing is a treasure hunt that has been around for a very long time. It is a much older game than geocaching. No GPS receiver is required, however but there are fewer letterboxes hidden around the world. Learn more about letterboxing at

Indoor Activities

Oak Island Treasure Hunt — Try this fun, online treasure hunt activity exclusive to this exhibit!

My Little Eye Treasure Hunt — Here is another fun treasure hunt activity created just for the exhibit.

Ad Lib Silly Story — You choose the words to complete this very silly treasure hunt story. Do it again and again and make it different every time!

A Cache of Stories — Read some fun treasure hunting stories by school children.

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