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Our Clients


Our Client List includes both well known and as yet unknown authors.

The Dragons of Eden, by Astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan

Heretics, by Cosmologist Dr. W. Sumner Davis

The Lucifer Principle, by Historian Howard Bloom

The Triumph of Sociobiology, by Biologist John Alcock

Stardust: Supernovae and Life:The Cosmic Connection by Astronomer John Gibbon

Bringing the Biosphere Home: Learning to Perceive Global Environmental Change, by Ecologist Mitchell Thomashow

The Day it Rained on the Picnic for the Gods, by Jessica Whiteside




Natural Intelligence, by Musician Simon Powell

Symbiotic Planet, by Biologist Lynn Margulis

Natural Allies: The Evolution of Symbiosis and Cooperation, by Journalist Wallace Ravven

The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind, by Philosopher Robert Nadeau and Physicist Menas Kafatos

Environmental Microbiology: Principles and Applications, by Biologist Patrick K. Jjemba

You Are God:The Future of Medicine, by Dr. Walter M. Bortz, (Past President of American Geriatrics Society).




"With the great opportunity of web publishing, and its bypassing of entrenched ways, has come a new peril—that of books that have not been properly edited or "doctored" before seeing the light of readership. We at Renaissance Editors serve POD authors, from aspiring to published professionals, by line editing and making a detailed critique of your work prior to publication.We also are available for precision writing and editing tasks in traditional and other media"

MDorion Sagan, Senior Editor

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