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Our Fee Schedule


Our prices are negotiable, depending upon length of product and amount of work. In general you can expect to pay $2.50 per page, which compares favorably to other services (e.g., Strategic Solutions' $3.75/page). However, through a special arrangement with, we are offering, for a limited time, a charge of $2.00 per page or $350 for double-spaced manuscripts in the neighborhood of two-hundred pages. These charges do not included value-added tasks such as extensive rewriting or suggesting contacts in the Publishing world.


Making Payment

Please make checks payable to

Sciencewriters, P.O. Box 671

Amherst, MA 01004-0671


1 Paper Copy of your double-spaced manuscript



"With the great opportunity of web publishing, and its bypassing of entrenched ways, has come a new peril—that of books that have not been properly edited or "doctored" before seeing the light of readership. We at Renaissance Editors serve POD authors, from aspiring to published professionals, by line editing and making a detailed critique of your work prior to publication.We also are available for precision writing and editing tasks in traditional and other media."

M Dorion Sagan, Senior Editor

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