Renaissance Editors

"Specializing in the Rebirth of Publishing"

What We Can Do:


Step One

We look at your manuscript and evaluate it both as an organic whole and on a line-by-line basis. After carefully reviewing a hardcopy, we make suggestions, from stylistic to spelling, that we think will improve both the quality and sales of your work. After payment, we send you a line-edited hard copy of the manuscript together with a detailed critique keyed into the text.

We do what computers may never be able to do.

We not only line edit—check your manuscript for grammar, syntax, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, parallelisms, spelling and phraseology. We also make a generalized critique, making an analysis of your work’s coherence, interest, and marketability. We will focus on content, structure and clarity of argument
for nonfiction, and plot, style, and character assessment for fiction. (We do not check for line indenting, arrange illustrations/figures/tables, look for or place references or figures, or format works according to specific
publication guidelines).

Step Two

We have high standards and will not charge for work unless, after reviewing
or consultation, we believe we can make significant improvements. Although
we do not claim to be able to make your work into a best-seller (marketing is more likely to do that), we will make your book more literate, accessible, and error-free—we will help you to hone the best work possible, one of which
you can be proud for years to come. We are not novices but have worked in the past with and for trade publishers from Simon and Schuster to McGraw-Hill and Penguin. We have worked closely with authors to doctor, co-author and
review books on topics from religion and meditation to brain science, thermodynamics and the sociobiology of evil. Our reviews have appeared in Wired and The New York Times Book Review, and we have consulted for
University presses such as Yale, Cornell and University of California. We have also worked with fiction writers and poets.





"With the great opportunity of web publishing, and its bypassing of entrenched ways, has come a new peril—that of books that have not been properly edited or "doctored" before seeing the light of readership. We at Renaissance Editors serve POD authors, from aspiring to published professionals, by line editing and making a detailed critique of your work prior to publication.We also are available for precision writing and editing tasks in traditional and other media"

MDorion Sagan, Senior Editor

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