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Gutenberg’s printing press ushered in a whole new age, setting the stage for all future education, thinking for one’s self, democracy, literature and philosophy. Five hundred years after the German inventor used movable type, metal alloys, and a special press to make once-privileged works widely available, the internet has done it again.

 And Now

Now the internet, exemplified by writer-based companies such as, has made it possible for virtually anyone to publish a professional quality trade paperback. By negating the need to publish and warehouse large quantities of books, the technology of print on demand (POD)—in which books are electronically stored, and printed as they are bought—has lowered the barriers for entry, leveled the playing field of a publishing business concerned more with money and merchandising than quality.




With the great opportunity of web publishing, and its bypassing of entrenched ways, has come a new peril—that of books that have not been properly edited or "doctored" before seeing the light of readership. We at Renaissance Editors serve POD authors, from aspiring to published professionals, by line editing and making a detailed critique of your work prior to publication.We also are available for precision writing and editing tasks in traditional and other media.

M Dorion Sagan, Senior Editor

Copyright 2001-2002: Dorion Sagan. All rights reserved.
© Copyright 2001-2002, All rights reserved, Dorion Sagan.